Anger Management Classes

Saturday:  June 9, 2018
8-Hour Anger Management Class (delivered in 50-minute fast-paced modules)

Do you need to increase your anger management skills for personal growth and to improve your relationships?  Are you required to take an anger management program by a court, employer or school?

This course will teach you to manager your anger effectively with healthy strategies and coping skills including:

• The Art of Responding (instead of reacting)
• Assertiveness (instead of aggression or retreat)
• Empathy (instead of tunnel vision)
• Problem solving (instead of impulsivity)
• Conflict resolution (instead of dead-end arguments)
• Forgiveness (instead of feeling stuck)

Reduce anger in high-stress situations

Understand what your triggers are trying to tell you

Learn effective coping skills

Certificate of Completion provided

Additional individual, couples and work team sessions available

Class Location:
6750 Hillcrest Plaza Drive, Suite 304
Dallas, TX 75230
Time: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Cost: $389
Advance registration required: 972-365-7951

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