Anger Management Training

One-on-One Training Targeting your Specific Goals

Do you need to increase your anger management skills for personal growth and to improve your relationships?  Are you required to take an anger management program by a court, employer or school?

This program will teach you to manager your anger effectively with healthy strategies and coping skills including:

• The Art of Responding (instead of reacting)
• Assertiveness (instead of aggression or retreat)
• Empathy (instead of tunnel vision)
• Problem solving (instead of impulsivity)
• Conflict resolution (instead of dead-end arguments)
• Forgiveness (instead of feeling stuck)

Reduce anger in high-stress situations

Understand what your triggers are trying to tell you

Learn effective coping skills

Certificate of Completion provided (minimum of six hours)

Individual, couples and work team sessions available

Advanced registration required: 972-365-7951